Our Music

Tell your new little bundle of joy all the wonderful things you think about them…But do it to a melody!  Introducing Lullaby Confessions’ two lines of music. First, is our “Positive Affirmations” line, original lullaby songs written in second person, encouraging your child with lyrics of love and affirmation. Second, is “The Inspirationals” line, phenomenal singers cover lullaby renditions of some of the most popular inspirational songs to have been written. Click the images to listen and/or purchase.

Most lullabies are random songs that are slow but often have no meaning.  Why not tell your child all the encouraging truths about them from day one? Tell them that they can do anything, be anything, or accomplish any goal they put their mind to.  We believe it’s not only good for baby, but good for Mom and Dad to get into the habit of telling them, too.  So, rather than creating albums over flowing with songs of other people singing, we give you the entire album, along with instrumentals of the songs, so that you can tell them yourselves.


         Coming Soon

“The Inspirationals Vol.1″



Our Books

As you formulate your bedtime ritual for your little dreamer, don’t forget to add reading a short story about Lully!  Our audio eBook and book collection brings our families together in a unique way.  Now bedtime reading is a fun learning time that connects parents with child through the heart and soul.  With your choice of enjoying a short poetic story about Lully’s adventure on his way to bed, or take your time reading affirmations to your child from our Confessions Calendar or Confessions Quotes, original affirmations written for daily encouragement to your bundle of joy.