VIDEO: “Newborn Skin-to-Skin Contact” with Jenni June

Happy Monday friends!

After celebrating “love weekend” (Valentine’s Day), we thought this installment from our dear friend Jenni June would be pretty appropriate!  Check out this great educational video on “Skin-to-Skin Contact” with your baby….enjoy!

For more info on certified sleep consultant Jenni June, visit her website at!

Thank You, Babies R Us!

2014-02-08 13.07.01

We are just days away from Valentines Day and love is in the air! For LC, it’s our love and appreciation for “Babies R Us”! We appreciate that we were invited to their baby fair and had the opportunity to meet so many of you new blog readers!

Two babies dozed off while parents listened and talked to us, CD’s were sold, several new stores (other than Babies R Us) across L.A. will now be carrying our music because of your demand, AND we partied!

2014-02-08 13.10.05-2

As a people-person who is forced to sit at a desk all day everyday, it’s always a joy when I have the opportunity to get with groups of people and chat. It’s a love of mine to talk about the great music we produce and share with the world. Meeting the wonderful people of Los Angeles and seeing the smiles on their faces from hearing the music and/or learning about what we do and how it helps your family was a true joy!
Thank you for joining “Team LC”!

Enjoy our latest album, “Tropical Encouragement” by clicking here! 

VIDEO: Our friend Jenni June talks about “Baby Massage”!

Welcome back to the LC Blog, friends!

Our good friend, certified sleep consultant Jenni June, gives some GREAT advice on giving your baby a massage!  This is a surprisingly effective method for caring for your little bundle of joy!

No Un-Love. Ever.


I’m living by a new rule: NO UN-LOVE. EVER. In fact, I AM ON A QUEST to watch every thought that goes through my mind and every word that comes out of my mouth. (Yes, Psalm 19:14 was my inspiration on this one). That seems pretty simple, right? Um…. Yeah… Super simple when I’ve had a tear-your-hair-out kind of day, and my hubs comes home and compares our living room to a “war zone.” No un-love! Or when the repair man rings our doorbell EVEN THOUGH there is a sign saying “Please don’t ring – we have 2 babies sleeping.”  No un-love!

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Outlawing The In-laws

Are you the peacemaker? It’s a blessing and a curse, I personally believe. However, when it comes to sharing the turkey and snuggling close for family pics, it totally works in my favor. We all have that “one” in-law that we have outlawed in our minds. Yes… you are thinking of them right now.

Thank you

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Keeping it Real…Real Cool, That is!



Last month, Megan wrote one of the most hilarious and relatable blog posts I’ve ever read. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here. No fail there, girlfriend.

And on the note of keeping things REAL… Let’s deal with some imperfections many of us are dealing with this summer.

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Simon Says: Size her up.

It’s a game we all play. Catty women, all with the same agenda… to be the “Sweetest, prettiest, funniest, smartest…” AKA: the one we love to hate, yet totally hate to love. It begins early: the girl with the 15 Barbies, versus your measly 14… follows you into high school: the girl with the perfect everything, including your “future husband”… carries on upon marriage: you have the man of your dreams, but why isn’t he as romantic as her husband? Just when you think you have talked yourself out of insanity, and claim to have a handle on it …….my

……. You get pregnant.

What should be one of the most beautiful moments of your life, can have you going “Cinderella’s ugly step sisters, quick! “I want a girl, but I’m having a boy. She’s having a girl! Bows and dresses… And I get -boy clothes!- Ugh.”

It is completely normal. We want what we don’t have, and pretend our lives are perfect, when truthfully, we want more. A different spouse, more money, better body, sweeter kids…. The list is infinite.

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Give Yourself a Radiant Glow this Summer



There’s something about this time of year. Summer is about to hit, flowy dresses are appropriate attire wherever you go (including home days!), and if you’re like most women, you want a more “lightweight feel” for your face that lets your summer glow shine.

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the FACE of communication!


Interview experts say it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression.  Do you have a firm hand shake?  Do you smile warmly and make eye contact?  How are you dressed? And finally, but just as importantly, what does your face communicate to the other person?  For men, the options are narrow: to shave or not to shave.  But for women, designing a makeup style to best match our personality, mood, and the occasion, gives us lots of options and room for creativity.

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a labor of Love.

a1Valentine’s Day… Kenna Love’s Due date.

the delivery:

Contractions began that night. Extremely disappointed about not fulfilling a v-back as I desired, I was dilated to 7cm, the baby was still too high up, and her heart rate plummeted. After a surge of emotion, I was relocated from the delivery room, to surgery table.
Kenna had been wrapped up in her umbilical cord. She was our second cesarean delivery, due to this issue, and it was both of our daughters, not our son. ..apparently they like to accessorize in the womb; they are girls, after all!

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