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a labor of Love.

a1Valentine’s Day… Kenna Love’s Due date.

the delivery:

Contractions began that night. Extremely disappointed about not fulfilling a v-back as I desired, I was dilated to 7cm, the baby was still too high up, and her heart rate plummeted. After a surge of emotion, I was relocated from the delivery room, to surgery table.
Kenna had been wrapped up in her umbilical cord. She was our second cesarean delivery, due to this issue, and it was both of our daughters, not our son. ..apparently they like to accessorize in the womb; they are girls, after all!

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Walk Like A Lady: The Heels Edition

Mommy me meets the Mrs. in me in a crazy twist this month. Learning how to walk in heels at nine months pregnant with two toddlers hand in hand, isn’t extremely fun, but I do it for the man I love. Although I recognize my walk doesn’t carry the same pre-maternity swagger, I still work out my flow as I daily suffocate the ever.dreaded.waddle., and strive for one day out of the week in my pumps. Unfortunately, my idea of heels has me stuck in mommy mode while being THIS pregnant. So let’s confess and confirm how to shift our focus from baby to OH BABY for this love bird occasion… go get your Valentine and slip on your stilettos. And if you need a boost… don’t be a


fraid to call on Cupid’s archery.


[note: Pinterest perfection! And no... this is not me. Hot, but not sure I could safely stand back up after a pose like this... not in my current 9 month state!]

So let me bring sexy back… yes, I wanted you to break out in song there… do it, girl! There is something about heels; so if you have those killer long legs, rock whatever height you need to feel sass-a-frass, and refrain from feeling Sasquatch-ian… because YOU deserve that feeling that a few extra inches gives to your butt and thighs. [I have a permit to throw around such a strong statement due to having model esque besties. By the way, if that was at all offensive, let's trade limbs! ;) Pleeease... no returns.] My husband loves my walk in heels, which is why I will do whatever I need to, to wear them one more time pre delivery. Good thing he chose a lady who wanes over frills and fashion; we make a great pair. My desire for my valentine is to bring him to his knees. So how can I successfully date him? Bust out the feet candy, serenade his senses, and think up some candlelight table talk.

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A Resolution For A Better You : 2013

You know when you have those days when you truly feel like you could win the highest award ever handed out to mankind? … This being the “Wife and Mommy of the Year” award, of course. [Bear with me if you are male…but just think of you winning an ESPY or something truly near and dear to your heart:)] This “W.&M.O.T.Y” accolade can only be obtained by accomplishing family time, speaking continual encouragement and positive confessions over your entire family, practicing phonemic awareness, mathematical manipulatives, craft time-focusing on both large and fine motor skills, maintaining a calm and kind voice of reason when disciplining, all the while providing hugs and kisses to the max, collectively in a 24 hour period, OBviously. Then there are those other days… the more practical kind. For me, these might contain a “I just threw a mega mommy tantrum” moment. [Thankfully, my children don’t place too much judgment on me, being the 2 and 3 year olds that they are; given they, themselves, understand the antics of the meltdown mentality. Clearly, I’m not proud of this, but I use these times to teach my babies lessons of a lifetime:  no one is perfect, particularly your mommy. However, it’s about how you respond, humbling yourself to apologize, and your capability to keep on going.] 2 and 3 year olds, plus 24 hours in every. single. day. proves to be a difficult feat, as one might imagine. Help!

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*Thee* Perfect Gift

So it took me a total of 19 hours to find that perfect gift. And, well, I didn’t. I missed it out of pure ignorance- an innocent mistake of the munchies left me number 501. This doesn’t mean much to you, except for the fact that I may be one of those insane shoppers who missed my turkey op, waiting in a tent and prepping for my secret op: “Black Friday” through “Cyber Monday”, only leaving me with an empty bank account and a black eye or two- either because of no sleep, an actual fist fight, or both. However, I would never miss Thanksgiving day with my family just to shop. Don’t get me wrong, the affinity I have for name brands, filling up my car with countless shopping bags, and an entire day dedicated to good deals. But there is something I learned about myself this year. I’m a faux- the almost early bird who effortlessly watches the worm leave in someone else’s cart.

Happy Thanksgiving from just the two of us… pre-shopping photo!

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[“I’m thankful… I’m thankful not… I’m thankful… I’m thankful not… I.AM.THANKFUL”]

October is gone, but the “sweet memories” still remain, especially when they permanently remove our fingerprints. . .

For sure a bit of an exaggeration, but please… picture this: Sneaking passed the sleeping beauty to snag the craft supplies, clearly an already daunting task, but while carrying a baby in utero, and mildly biffing on the extension cord just outside your miniature prince charming’s bedroom, resulting in him awake at 2 am- much. more. difficult. Yikes! #thankfulnot But I thought to myself: Minnie, Bumblee, and Buzz still need a finished product to wear in the morning; so I ever-so-”lightly” [no need to be unkind to oneself...am I right?:)] carried on, put my boy back to bed, and bravely conquered one continual hour of burning my fingers with the hot glue gun. How? While trying to bulk up Buzz Lightyear’s wings, of course. This mission truly sent me “to infinity and beyond”… It was that silent scream of pain, that just didn’t tolerate the ban against verbalizing itself, that hurt the worst. However, I have learned that is the secret success to any superhero: endurance. Not that I am suggesting I am a superhero, but come on, motherhood demands superpowers. The things I do for my children, or in this case…

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Meet The Confessors: The LC Blog Team

Welcome To The Official Lullaby Confessions Blog

Managed by: Megan Crawford


.chatty cathy

.wife to the “1 and only”, mamma to 2 … and a 1/2

.advocate for faith!

.obsess-er of milk chocolate [note: my husband.]

.sucker for pixar films

.photography nut

.crafty & eclectic

.lover of a good braid & a latte

.lifelong dreamer


.foe of cheese balls [the edible, but ESP the inedible]

.cheerleader for life

.adoration for raindrops & pa-JAH-mas

.giggles & itty bitty items

.passionately .living .on .purpose.

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