The Story

In April of 2009, my wife surprised me with the wonderful news that we were pregnant.  I say “we” because it was her belly and body adjustments, but my sleepless nights and countless missions to the kitchen for her.  Ha ha!  Anyway, growing up as a singer, I always thought to myself that I would sing to my wife’s belly when she would be pregnant.  As well, as an adult, I cultivated a personal habit of speaking positive affirmations to myself.  I saw great results with it.

My wife grew up telling herself everyday in the mirror, “I am beautiful”.  And let me tell you, yes she is beautiful, but more importantly, she knew her worth, and never let any guys treat her poorly.

A few days after the big news, my wife was singing an old Russian lullaby that came to mind (She was born and raised in Russia). Out of curiosity, I asked her the translation, she explained it was telling the child, be quiet or the wolf will come and get you! “What!? We are NOT singing that to our child!” We both agreed and had a good laugh about it.

Well, the following morning, I woke up with the idea to put together sining to my wife’s belly with words of affirmation.

The idea was to still be able to sing to my daughter while in mommy’s belly, but also tell her that she will conquer this life and be wonderful.  I wanted to get her in the habit of positive affirmations (or as I always called them, confessions) just as I and her mother did, and this would be the start of teaching her.

From there, I grabbed a pen to write, then called my producer friend Rodney “RJ” Young of R. Price Music Group to produce, and the rest is history!  We hope you enjoy the music!

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