About Lullaby Confessions

From the moment babies enter this world, their brains are developing the connections that help determine how they learn, think, and grow.  Because of this, it is important for babies to hear words.  This means your words help develop their brain.  It is also true that what is spoken to a child in the first five years has a large impact on what they do for the rest of their lives.  The words a child hears during this early developmental phase help shape their belief system and core values, as well as increases their chances of staying in school and staying out of trouble.  With these facts in mind, we developed our brand and line of lullaby music.

Most lullabies are random songs that are slow, but often have no meaning.  Why not tell your child all the encouraging truths about them from day one?  Tell them that they can do anything, be anything, or accomplish any goal they put their mind to.  We believe it’s not only good for baby, but good for Mom and Dad to get into the habit of telling them, too.  So, rather than creating albums over flowing with songs of other people singing, we give you the entire album, as well as instrumentals of the songs, so that you can tell them yourselves.

Join the new movement of telling your child all the wonderful truths about them… But do it to a melody!

Being that we are a positive lifestyle brand, our goal is to provide our customers with products and/or education that breed a healthy, positive life.  So be sure to check out our mommy blog!  It is a collection of contributors that each specialize in specific areas of life such as fashion, healthy living, family and encouragement, and more.  We hope that through this blog, moms and their friends will have a well-rounded, positive lifestyle experience.  One that has you leaving encouraged, and a little bit more prepared for the next battle of life.

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