“he’s a bit of a fixer-upper…”

olafBecause is there, really, a better parallel than to a Disney movie? For all you Frozen fans, and the like…aka: the real fans: parents! You’ll recognize the above lyrics right away.

This song is obviously about a work in progress, and that the only way to fix a fixer upper is to fix them up with love. I couldn’t sing it better myself. (But I have… although none of us wanted to fall into the category of that parent… I’ll admit I love a catchy toon:)

The message is powerful in this production. We are called to love. The judgements must stop. The words behind their backs must stop. The looks must stop. The laughter must stop. We have to love people and not worry about what it costs us to simply love them with all we have. It becomes easy to you love when you determine yourself to do it.

Make up your mind to love everyone. No matter what they look like, say, or do, love is always the best remedy. This world is dark and we are called to bring Light. The light in this world ignites from Love. You can’t change anything by mocking it, but the first step in change comes from a different thought. You can be the dloveifference in thoughts. Think about that… annnd yep. YOU just had a DIFFERENT THOUGHT about yourself.

From the timeless proverb out of an extremely wise snowman comes the following statement, “Some people are worth melting for…” We need to lay aside our internal “Prince Hans” and recognize what we want in life, and what we can sacrifice to help it come to pass. It can be done; in fact, it already has been done.fam

The greatest act of true love happened over 2000 years ago on a tree. A tree He created, on a hill He spoke into existence. The most beautiful Sacrifice gave it all for the sake of change. For you, for me…. He made the choice to love so we can forever be with our Creator. True love started there, and continues with you! So go ahead and “Let it go…” [because you KNOW I had to...]



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