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blogWhat power does a word have? Figuratively speaking, it’s just a little sentence in the realm of an entire lifetime of dialogue… Biblically broken down, it happens to be the opposite extreme, dealing with the power of life and death. Your tongue is a true depiction of your heart. What are you saying? Who are you speaking to? And what do you sound like?

This oral anomaly effects more than just the person it’s spit at. These words impact who you are and who you become. A hurled insult, an impressive slur, a back-handed compliment, a bit of sarcasm… these words impact a life, and not just the one that’s being attacked.

You have a voice in so many lives. Are you the voice of life or death? Do you celebrate and love and bring joy and peace; do you discourage and tear down and bring the juiciest gossip to the verbal potluck? Are you tongue tied by negativity or grace? Check the root of your perfectly potted discussion and find out what makes it so plush. If your glam is produced in cracked, dry soil, you’ll never produce the harvest you hope for. Re soil, repot, and water your seeds to eat the fruit of love, humility, kindness, joy, peace, hope, and e v e r y  t h I n g good that life can produce.blog2blog1

You have the capability to change this world, one word at a time. This might sound outlandishly impossible, but changing your world is the beginning of changing our world. You truly are a ripple effect… as a friend, a child, a coworker, a spouse, a parent, a . complete . stranger. There’s something that lasts about the words you speak: your reputation. It goes blog4before you, and stays well after you are gone. What do you want to be remembered by?

I am convinced that your relationships are determined by your words. Do you want a better marriage, a promotion, etc? Just follow the golden rule, and don’t be hater… that’s the secret weapon. Be the constant reminder of something sweet. You can represent truth and mercy, because you get to choose what you say. Fill your mind with the Word and hide it in your heart, and then when you open your mouth, that’s exactly what will come out.

xx meg

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