How Our Summer Is Going To Be NEW & EXCITING!

summer1Los Angeles, CAlif: This Mommy is ON. A. MISSION.

1. I’M SHOPPING DOUBLE. You heard me. I’m buying 2, 3, 4 of EVERYTHING. May I also recommend a secondary, fully-packed diaper bag complete with non-perishable snacks + extra everything (a wrapped gift in the car also never hurt).
Example: We have at least 4 open containers of sunscreen (1 for beach bag, diaper bag, car, and house).

Objection: Too expensive.

My Response: No way – this will SAVE you money! Imagine buying sunscreen at the Zoo gift shop (hello 1/4 oz. bottle for $12). When you’re desperate, you certainly can’t be a brand snob (like I am- Mary Kay sunscreens are the BEST). And seriously, if you can’t get through 4 bottles before they expire, you and your LO’s need to get out more. Or use more sunscreen. Just saying.


2. CALL ME CHRISTA-COLUMBA MOMMY. Discover new places! Your city’s Red Tricycle is the best place to start. What’s happening near you, that you’re missing out on?

Our recent discoveries:
- Splash Parks (L.A has dozens)
- Mommy nail places + spas
- Pamper & Play (in L.A.)

Objection: “I can barely go to the grocery store with my kids, it’s just all so hard.”

My Response: Seriously, you guys? I am SO TIRED of hearing moms who have been tricked into thinking they can’t do things that they CAN. C’mon, be adventurous! What happened to that 22-year-old whose motto was, “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me!” — Time for her to make a permanent come-back.

Photo Jun 22, 7 58 49 PM

3. SING WITH ME: Summer lovin’ had me a blast… MORE DATE NIGHTS!!

His benefit: He’s reminded of how good you look dolled up as his arm candy.
Her benefit: Sanity. Returning. Slowly…

Objection: If babysitting costs are an issue, trade babysitting with your bff’s. If you’re really desperate… I know a couple who checks their kids into the church nursery/ Sunday School and once a month goes to Starbucks next door (no joke). Whatever it takes, your kids benefit when their parents are getting enough mommy-daddy-time.

For our super-observant readers: Yes, most of my blog articles say something about breaking free from kids. I swear this is not a secret cry for help. I just enjoy my breaks!


4. MAKE A GOAL POSTER. Make your goal your Summer Theme and display it where you’ll see it all the time (“This Summer, Jack is Signing on 35 New Clients!”). Pick your goals as a couple/ as a family, narrow your focus, and be proactive. Be your spouse and children’s strongest believer and biggest encourager!



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    Christy Brown Jun 23 2014 - 6:06 pm Reply


    This is such a creative and wonderful idea! You are on TARGET! And, might I add the MK Lip Balm with SPF would be a great addition to go with the MK Sunscreen to your diaper bag, etc to protect your kids lips (and, moms, too!).

    Can’t wait to read more of your wonderful blogs.

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