Beyond Super Cute Cocktail Dresses: 3 Mommy Lessons of the 1950s

1950s blog3 Moms of the 1950s. Remembered for their car seat safety? Doubtful. Responsible for the mompreneur movement? Not so much…  What Google would like you to believe is that this decade was full of nothing but limitations for moms- and women who were expected to become wives and moms.

Ok so I won’t jump in my time machine quite yet.

But… There are some life lessons to be learned from these women of 60 years ago!

1.  Challenges in Parenthood… Inevitable!*

 *Unless you were blessed with perfect children like we were… LOL!!!

1950s blog4They knew it back then, but did we not get the message? Or were we not listening? Do we think having the Internet is going to magically transform parenthood into a cakewalk?  Of course, we can now share tips instantly (thank you, Pinterest) to make our lives easy-ER. I can’t even count how many doctor trips WebMD has saved us. But if we can get it out of our head that parenting is meant to be “the easiest thing in the world”… then I think we’ll all approach this more realistically and not be surprised when the rubber hits the road.

2.  Life Does Not Need to Be SOO Complicated

1950s blog2Life used to be- figuratively and literally- more black & white. You’ve heard of the famous Mary Kay Ash slogan “K.I.S.S.”? Keep It Simple Sweetie (Mary Kay was known for saying this, although I couldn’t find its exact origin). When you are juggling your ping pong balls (wife hat, mommy hat… serious disciplinarian mom, fun mom…) remember to keep things as simple as possible. When in doubt, go with your maternal instincts. God built those inside you for a reason!

3. Pre-dating the ‘50s… Depressed Moms Got Time Away!

momvacationOk yes I’m referring to psychiatric centers. HAHAHA!!! Ok fiiiine that may be a liiiitttttle extreme for the majority of us and I’m not proposing we bring these back (although admit it, there are some days you’d jump at the chance), but my question is this: when’s the last time you escaped for a day sans-kiddies? Or took yourself out to coffee without someone begging for a cake pop? If you hesitated, then it’s time girl. Go forth and enjoy!

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