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jessWhat do you do when your bestie suddenly becomes your enemy? Broken friendships are almost thee worst to get over. Typically, women love to pour all that we are into a friendship, and then if it falls apart, a piece of us is in shambles. Most of us have experienced the loss of a bff. No one expects it, but if happens, I believe there is a lesson just waiting to be taught to each of us.     [mah main girl, Jess!->]

It could be a man, a bad habit, a change in behavior… regardless of the reason, it still hurts both women just as much. Whether she is to blame, or it’s all on you, you truly can be scarred for a lifetime – IF you aren’t careful. All relationships should have requirements; each person in your life should understand why they are there, and exactly who they are to you. Therefore, I hope the following standards help eliminate the possibility of friendship disaster, and keep your girlfriends on speed dial for both outfit consultation and pitty party (of 2), alike.

linds1. do you | Love above all else. Judgment should be laid aside, and both of you should decide that you will choose to believe the best about the other.

[my fran fahevah, Linds!]

2. true dat | No matter what, y’all decide the truth is the most important part of your friendship. Transparency will transform you both, AND make you better.

3. ride or die | Commitment is essential. This may be the most difficult to determine, but possibly the most rewarding piece of all your efforts, because you go through it all together!

4. goody.goody | Right choices make all the difference. Decide to succeed and live life to the fullest, always doing good.

5. sealed! | Keeping secrets and killing gossip = friendship. Be loyal and kind in every situation.

If you have never experienced the love, truth, commitment, righteousness, kindness, and loyalty a friendship can offer… you’ve never experienced the very reason we were called into community with one another. I urge you to find the girl that not only shares your affinity for Madden and Anthro, but shares your heart in living a life that’s worth blushing over, no matter the effort it takes.

lemo“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”
- Coco Chanel

That babe has it right! Allow whatever fragrance you wear to be more than just a scent lingering in your nasal… allow it to be the aroma of your lifestyle, and rep your bff well!

[my very best! in life & my last, but not least, ride or die in life... pictured above, my husby, LM!]

xx meg

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