The “Growing Pains” of Pregnancy

There’s nothing quite like the moment you hear, “WOW!! You must be ready to pop any day now!!!” from a complete stranger….. and you’re seven months along. At that point, it seems you might want to pop some thing, or some one, else!pregnancy

Be confident with your bump… After all, you are growing a tiny person in there- such a beautiful miracle!

“Being comfortable in your skin” takes on a whole new meaning in pregnancy. I say things to my husband like… “Oh my goodness! My belly is getting so big!” And he replies with, “yeah! You’re pregnant!” But it’s so different when your body is the one morphing into a giant. The best way I could explain it to my husby is by comparing myself to a Transformer… And I know he’d be too swept up in wishing he were one to really understand the metaphor. SO… We, subdivisions, need to support one another… because that’s what neighborhoods do. ;)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a goody… He’s THEE most supportive, understanding, encouraging and loving man I could ask for. So why is it then when I feel the size of a house- the weight of HIS words aren’t good enough? Because it’s a constant game of comparison with other women and their bodies. Unfortunately, we find a lot of our self worth in our size. #barbietruama

But who you are has nothing to do with your pant size. Who you are is your heart. What are you sewing into it? How are you working out your heart? Did you know your heart is a muscle?!!! Whether physical activity is a part of your weekly routine or not, we can all agree that it should be. Your heart WILL change your mind. preg2

Work that muscle. Exercise it by reading materials you are passionate about. Pieces that motivate you, make you stronger, give you confidence and hope. I’ll drop you off with a bit before I bow out. Allow wisdom to come into your life, soak into your heart, and knowledge will be a sweet aroma in your soul, discretion will keep you, and deliver you from going down the wrong path, and from associating with the wrong people.


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