Spring Cleaning: Forgiveness Edition

IMG_0152Forgive and forget? That phrase is a huge pill to swallow. How is this possible to erase the memory that left the biggest scar on your heart? It’s not an overnight cleanse, but it’s an emotional and spiritual… and even in some cases, a physical cleanse that is necessary for your health. Let me help you say good bye to the ugly, and hello to the beautiful… Bring a little peace in your life!

It’s been years ago… she hurt you really bad. Your friendship can not be mended.

He broke your heart… left you for another woman. He took the very understanding of love from you.

You were abandoned… given up to live a life of freedom. Your parents will never know the gift of you.

There is no methodology to bitterness and brokenness… it simply just is. It’s a sore, a relentless pain that takes your breath away, makes you sick to your stomach, and makes you cringe at the thought of seeing this person/these people. Unforgiveness is bondage… invisible handcuffs and ankle chains that bind you to possibly the worst memory you have ever known. As soon as your mind wanders there… you can’t come back without thoughts of anger, grief, and hatred.

How can you ever forgive the one who touched you or maybe your child?

The one who told you, you would never be anything, you weren’t worth anything, and there was really no reason for you to live?

The one who makes you feel like an invalid in their very presence, as if you really aren’t a person at all.


You can’t do this alone. There is One who can erase your pain, erase your sorrow, and literally turn your misery into a life-changing memory.

Each of the above examples have personally scarred my life. There are ways to allow the only One, Jesus Christ, to take them away. After prayer and a true sense of turning away from the issue, the pain, and after owning up to ANY and ALL responsibility you may have or may NOT have in the situation, there is a step more that you can take. Give them something tangible that means something to you. (I know, right?! Super tough!!) Something that only you would give to someone special to you. Make them special. Because Jesus made each one of us special. There is a reason you are reading this now and have dealt with what you have. Let your biggest defeat in life, actually become THEE biggest defeat over your life. Conquer with love.

A salute on this Memorial Day… to all those who fought for your freedom; don’t live in bondage any longer. There is peace.

xx meg



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