Spring Cleaning | *How To Mend InLaw Issues*

There’s always that one person in your family… You know the one. The unashamedly, professing modern Einstein, the one that’s so fetch they only have about a second to spare even for their own time zone, the microcosm of Jerry Springer’s prime, the self-appointed hierarchy, etc.blog2
With that being said… I have a category too, and although I strive to be the loving servant… I’m sure my fam has a very different description for me. People mean well …most of the time… and even if we believe they must have some genetic mutation or a general case of our current #selfie society, the fact is… Their perception of them is what they want to expose.
It is my goal in life to study people. People that I love, and especially people I don’t care to love, but that I should.
Let’s chat in laws: It might be that mother in law of yours. She has advice at every whim of your baby, every move you make and how it SHOULD be made, she’s always there with her Superman cape in toe, etc. and although you’d like to remind her of a few things, ie: Superman is a fictional character, so hang up the cape, already!!… You just can’t. It comes out wrong or you bottle it in… Or you cram it all down your husby’s throat.
Or maybe it’s your sister in law that always has her hair in every place, smells like a cloud sent from Heaven, and walks in a dust of glitter; while she leaves the worst unscented aroma ever, not lifting a finger because her mani might chip. Or the drama, drama, DRAMA king in your fam, who always has to one up your story with his UNbelievable one (for good reason), or possibly the BOSS, that waltzes around with every “answer”, but never a real solution…
It’s like these people just lurk around you. And you’re stuck with them. There’s better news.
In life, families sweep things under the rug. They stash their dirty little secrets in the drawer, and they have an entire wardrobe of unmentionables flousing around in secrecy. But, unfortunately, you always see their “secret stash” and the risky little pieces in their armoire.blog
I suggest we Spring clean; mend the unravelling issues, and hang the clothes out to dry! Don’t hear me wrong… It’s not a chore list for today. This will take time, patience, and love… Determine to solely focus on the good qualities they obtain. Pray for opportunities to highlight their strengths. Serve them with joy. Allow your perspective to change so love can take over, and it TRUUUULY can cover a multitude of sin. Hal.le.lu.jah!!

*I’d love to hear some of your in law stories… This is a super quick version of an entire novel, so please comment below or email me at mrs.ljcrawford@gmail.com to discuss the issues of life. There is hope and peace waiting!!*

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    kd sullivan May 19 2014 - 2:58 pm Reply

    Just like sping cleaning in our homes, there’s always room for cleaning up our hearts and minds! Well done!

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