Mom Against Mom

Her: The mom in the store that has two kids orangoutang-ing off the cart, one (at the very least) is throwing the ultimate tantrum, while the other is constantly tapping his mom over and over, going ape-cray for her attention. While mother is wild for shopping, and shopping alone. Your response: Dear Lord, lady! Control them… You have TWO. How hard can that be?! I know what would take care of that awful behavior! I’ll never…..


We seem to always have the more appropriate response to discipline, to a better cooking lifestyle, healthier physique, to a more effective education, a well-balanced spiritual and emotional developmental plan… and so on.

And then…

The plight of the third born. You welcome your third blessing that seems to be a little more “active” than the others. It’s as if one day, someone slaps on a perspective lens, and you see her point of view. You see her in you. You get it.

It doesn’t mean you still don’t believe most of what you do is the right way of doing it, because I’d hope we all do; it’s a part of caring for our children the best way we possibly can, but it means… You finally let “her” off the hook. [My superheroin->]blog3

My personal definition of who we are.
mom: one that possesses superheroin powers, class, sass, and the ability to love tiny monsters.
With that being stated, it’s obvious to see that we are all in the same situation, taming a little beast, and doing the best we can, while masking our own internal monster.

Let’s learn to love one another a little better. Recognizing it isn’t mom against mom, but a sort of union where we can work together for the common good of our next generation. So the next time you see me, my three under four, and oh, so preg bump… Instead of passing me bye, let’s send a caring smile of “I so get it”, or a precious look of approval, or simply a warm word of “Keep going, mama! We can do this.” And offer a gentle exit. We all need to be let off the hook every now and again.

I’m for you. You can do this. There’s no better mom for your child than you. We all feel crazy sometimes. We all get overwhelmed. We all have the holy terror moments. Let’s learn to love one another, and meet each other where we are. Happy belated Mother’s Day to the younique job that only YOU can do!

the reason I am a momma![<- The reason I am a momma <3!!]

xx meg

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