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blog dIf it doesn’t inspire you… ditch it. You should look around your home and love it. This might sound impossible, but I learned this idea six years ago, and every year has gotten better. Let your surroundings make you happy… because there’s enough around you that does not.

Walls | My affinity for photography is overwhelming. My walls are BLANK because I can’t decide WHAT to order and hang. Redic. Along with portrait adoration… is colour! SO much so, that I’m non-committal… I’m just deciding to choose pics and paint, knowing I can always change it, and loving it while it charms my home.

Clothing | I don’t own anything I don’t wear. IF you do… give and live, babe! Enjoy your day by letting go and bettering someone’s wardrobe. Be selfless and give that “oh! Totally forgot I have this!” to someone who will “I’ve ALWAYS wanted this!” blog eYour armoire should be an instant representation of who you are, who you love, and what you believe in.

Kids’ Space | If your kiddos share a space, coordinate their bedding… this creates the illusion that it’s a bigger space than it actually is. Keep pattern in framed pieces and touches, like an ottoman, rug, open-closet display. We make it a rule in our home to purge before every holiday, and at the beginning of every season. This keeps your babes tidy and always giving!

Romantic Space | Rich colors with whimsical touches, keeping with your beau’s desires. My husby can’t handle ”too girly”… so I keep that, and the like, in mind.

I truly believe the atmosphere you create sets the tone for your home. So if this seems too much, too fast… start slow.

*Burn a candle…. Use complimentary scents throughout your home. *Add drapery… A good pattern to reflect your family’s personality. *Have music lists… A company setting: full of tranquil, inspiring music. A party mix: full of fun and motion. A study list: complete with classical and spiritual. And, of course, the bedroom hits: John Legend-y and such! A personal fave… LC inspirational music for baby to sleep and play. *Commit to buying at least one item a month that you can’t imagine never seeing again. Buy it. Store it. And be inspired by it… help it create your room. One piece – one accent wall, can inspire your entire space. This might just be your splurge moment! #doyou [disclaimer: photos are from pinterest!]blog b

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