Hippity Hoppity Easter’s Gone Away…

meThe baskets are gone. The eggs are gone. The Easter Bunny is gone. The smiles are…. seemingly…… g o n e. Are you a Holiday lover? My four year old is all about everything celebration. It seems children don’t quite understand when a holiday is over… the tree they fervently decorated gets merrily thrown out, the endless supply of fireworks fizzle out after an evening, & the must-have costumes get masked by clutter. If I’m honest, I lean toward deflation myself when a much-anticipated holiday ends. I know many adults who thrive when it’s time to vacay- not that I fault you. HALLELU for beaches & barbeques!                            *almost 4 months!*}

…But what makes you happy? Is it living momentary excitement to momentary excitement? “It’s EASTER! That means candy, egg hunts, pictures with the bunny, matching Sunday best, overflowing baskets, candy, visiting with family, CHOCOLATE candy [!!] (you can clearly digest my momentary excitement) – It’s over?… back to the daily grind… BUT the weekend is coming!!!” If you can relate to this… you just hopped into my psyche. I’m hoping to challenge you with what’s on my heart… What if you were that excited about the day-to-day that seems so unfortunately mundane?! What if going to work made you smile? Going to the supermarket made you giddy? Potty-training made you smirk? Oh.emgee… I’m even perked to read what’s next…

kai and actual myIt’s possible. SO possible that joy can fill your heart, your mind, your soul, that you don’t even know otherwise. That Joy keeps you from anger when you get cut off AND the bird flown your direction; that Joy ensues warmth in your heart toward the unknowing stranger who so flippantly received your kind gesture without a simple “thank you” in return; that. JOY. pursues you daily & allows you the opportunity of freedom in contentment with today.                                                                        {*my festive four year old, Kai and three year old, Amiyah in their Easter best!

That Joy is Jesus. He left a perfect home, to take every single stank eye you’ve given, slander you’ve hurled, degrading thought you’ve processed…upon Himself, to become it, to see you free. He has given it all…His holiday never ended. It is every single step you take & breath you breathe. Today is beautiful. Your co-workers need you, your HUSBAND needs kennayou, your babies need you, that stranger needs you. YOU…need you. Prepare for the unthinkable… & see how Joy can flood your heart. You can find joy in who you are… because you are His.                                            *Kenna Love at 16 mo.s!*}

xx. meg.

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