Simon Says: Size her up.

It’s a game we all play. Catty women, all with the same agenda… to be the “Sweetest, prettiest, funniest, smartest…” AKA: the one we love to hate, yet totally hate to love. It begins early: the girl with the 15 Barbies, versus your measly 14… follows you into high school: the girl with the perfect everything, including your “future husband”… carries on upon marriage: you have the man of your dreams, but why isn’t he as romantic as her husband? Just when you think you have talked yourself out of insanity, and claim to have a handle on it …….my

……. You get pregnant.

What should be one of the most beautiful moments of your life, can have you going “Cinderella’s ugly step sisters, quick! “I want a girl, but I’m having a boy. She’s having a girl! Bows and dresses… And I get -boy clothes!- Ugh.”

It is completely normal. We want what we don’t have, and pretend our lives are perfect, when truthfully, we want more. A different spouse, more money, better body, sweeter kids…. The list is infinite.

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